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Adar by Wylo

You can purchase the matching female version, Eva to Yasu#0009 ♥


Performance :

Very Poor
Polygons : 461227
Meshes : 27
Material Slots : 55
Phys Bones Components : 13
Phys Bones Transform : 188
Phys Bones Collision : 992
Bones : 255
Features :

FBT Ready
Facial Gestures + Hands Gestures
Toggles :
Colors :
Body : Light No tats - Dark No Tats - Light Tats - Dark Tats - Light Full Tats - Dark Full Tats
Hair Colors (Black, Blond, Brown, Grey, White)
Black Eyes
Tops :Corset (Black-Black, Black-Red, Maroon-Black, Red-Black-Gold, Silver Black)
Jacket (Black -> Camel)
Suit Shirt (Black -> White)
Suit Tie (Black, Red, White, Invisible)
Turtleneck (Black, Blue, White)
Bottoms :Boxer (Blue, Cat, Ghost, Lava, Red, Valentine)
Jeans (Black, Blue, Grey, light blue, Sand, White)
Socks (Black -> White)
Suit Pants (Black, Blue, Cream, Grey, White)
Suit Shoes (Black -> Brown)
Sneakers (Black, White-Black-1, White-Black-2, Original Black, Original White, White-Black, White-Red)
Outfit :
Accessories : Head (Cap, Glasses, Mask, Mask Down)
Hands (Claw, Gloves, Ring)
Bottle (On, Smash[Sound + Particules])
Hair Style (No Hair, Bun, Ponytail, Long, Short, Short fade)
Tops : Corset - Suit Shirt - Turtleneck - No Shirt - Jacket
Bottoms : Suit Pants - Jeans - Boxer - Nude (Flaccid PP)
Shoes : Socks - Suit Shoes - Sneakers - No Shoes
NSFW : PP Hard No DPS - PP Hard DPS
Orifaces : Mouth - Hand R & L - Butt Job - Ass
PhysBones : Hairs, Booty, Pecs, Wings, Rosary, Earrings, Jacket

1 Green avatar "E-Boy" : Toggles : Hair Colors | Body Colors | Jeans Colors | Boxer Colors | Blood | Black eyes

1 Green avatar "Vampire" : Toggles : Hair Colors | Body Colors | Corset Colors | Blood | Black eyes


-No Price-splitting
-No trading
-No leaking
-No ripping
-Do not claim my avatar as your own !
-It is strictly prohibited to take assets off the project without owning a license.
-Do not resell it
-No Refund (even if you mistake the couple option thinking there's the female)
-No public uploads

How to use :

Open a new project unity 2019 -> Import a recent SDK -> Import Poyiomi V8 -> Add DPS Package by Raliv -> Import Adar

Credits :

Head (Resculpt by me, don't re-use), Hair Cap + Suit Shoes : Zinpia
Body + Base Texture (Resculpt by Noah, don't re-use) : Misty#5555
Eyes Textures : Mowster#9962
Hair : Nessy, Strelizia, AgentM & CompelledInk
Hair Textures : WetCat
Glasses : kinjoo
Cap : Haywee
Rings : Stalya
Mask : Virtual Threads
Earrings : crybaby & Syyanide
Claws : neona
Rosary : knives ☆#0112
Corset + Suit Shirt + Tie : Gashina & Mehdi (The Oasis)
Bottle : Jay.Jay.
Jeans & Sneakers : Kaycee
Suit Pants & Wings : Evan
Gloves (resculpt, de re-use) : 梅〆
Harness : NippNipp
Boxer : Picklebarrel
Jacket (Rigged and weightpaint by myself, don't re-use) : Q.#1412
Socks : Plaz
Turtleneck : Wheez
Locomotion : Wetcat (edit by myself)
Animations (Stand, Prone & Crouch) : MOCA STUDIO
Bat Animation : Thumbless
DPS (PP Mesh Resculpt and rigged by myself. don't re-use): Raliv

Tattoos, Menu's icons, Materials settings & Physbones Settings (Don't Re-use my Work !) by Wylo#8483

Pictures by Catoue#5010, Shawcase video, record and edit by myself.
You can find the butterfly knife you see in the video here ->

If I forgot to credit you, Pliz contact me !